The purpose of this Web tool is to allow users to upload a text file of monosaccharide base compositions as often obtained from mass spectrometry (MS). Then these compositions are translated into WURCS sequences, and further searched in GlyTouCan for existing glycan IDs. If the composition is already registered, then the corresponding glycan ID will be displayed. For those not registered, the WURCS string will be displayed to allow the user to register it into GlyTouCan. Moreover, a link to download the list of WURCS strings into a file will be displayed if one or more compositions were found that were not already registered.

How it works

Select a file on the local computer containing a tab-delimited text of compositions as follows:

                hex	hexnac  dhex neu5ac	neu5gc	P	S	Ac
                1	2	3	1	0	1	1	1
                1	2	3	1	0	0	0	0
                2	1	0	0	0	1	0	0
                2	1	1	2	1	0	1	0
                2	1	1	2	1	0	0	1
Then, if successful, a table of the same list of compositions will be displayed, with an additional column at the right end to list either GlyTouCan IDs or WURCS sequences. If no GlyTouCan ID exists for the composition, then the WURCS sequence is displayed providing the user the opportunity to copy the WURCS sequence and register it in GlyTouCan. Moreover, a link to download the list of WURCS sequences (if any) will be displayed above the table, to allow the user to register the list of sequences in batch into GlyTouCan.


If the table as described above is not displayed, then the server to obtain WURCS strings or GlyTouCan IDs may be down. In this case, please try the tool again later. As another possible cause of error, there may be a cross-origin server error. Depending the browser being used, various workaround are possible:
  • On Safari, this security setting can be disabled by going to the Advanced Preferences and making sure that "Show Develop in menu bar" is checked. Then under the Develop menu, make sure that "Disable cross-origin restrictions" is checked.
  • On Chrome, all running Chrome windows need to be closed and then reexecuted using the following command at the command line (on Mac OS):
    	$ open -a Google\ Chrome --args --allow-file-access-from-files

Run the tool

Select a file containing tab-delimited monosaccharide base compositions and substituents with headings such as Hex, HexNAc, dHex, Neu5Ac, Glc, Gal, Man, Fuc, GlcNAc, P, S, Ac.

Drag and drop tsv file(s) here or select a file from the button below.